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Demonstrating Haskell is really fast to those unfamiliar with it


I’ve had this idea before, but actually creating this page was inspired by a tweet:

Does anybody have in mind a good way how to show people not familiar with Haskell that it’s really fast?

Probably something other than this

Maybe anyone has real experience of migrating the project from JVM to Haskell or something similar?

This also brings to mind How to make Haskell the programming industry default (that’s a tall order!)

easy parallel downloading

One common task across programming languages is downloading things in parallel and Haskell makes this very easy to do fast.

Untype checked Haskell warning:

import Network.HTTP
siteResponses <- simpleHTTP (getRequest "") <*> simpleHTTP (getRequest "") <*> simpleHTTP (getRequest "")
let getFirst100BytesFromResponse rsp = fmap (take 100) (getResponseBody rsp)
fmap getFirst100BytesFromResponse siteResponses

TODO streamly

TODO haxly

TODO vector

TODO brainstorm laziness examples?