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Literature: Abusing org-roam as a personal CRM - r/emacs

I’ve found myself wanting to have the ability to see how other people use computers more effectively without committing half an hour or so to a video. So I tried to make a very short video showing how I use org-roam as a personal CRM. It isn’t a mind-blowing use-case, it isn’t any complex elisp, it is just a window into how I use Emacs to solve a problem that needed solving.

Quick to the point videos solving a problem completely without huge time commitment seems nice to me!

I posted a comment as well asking if using org-roam as a CRM was abuse since it gets into answering Should org-roam/zettlekasten be used only for concepts or also for more general data?.

No replies sadly, I’d like to hear others opinions since I can’t decide.