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Literature: Learning Haskell by doing - r/Haskell

wow this one is high quality

This one builds a static blog generator

good breakdown someone gave

Write You a Scheme 2 (although it’s kinda difficult) Make a Lisp (they have a Haskell version) Learn Haskell by Building a Static Blog Generator Simple Haskell Handbook (you make a CI platform)

I recommend the last 2 ones! Then once you’re done with those, you can move on to the first two.

You’ll notice that it’s mostly about compilers and parsing, since that is Haskell’s strength. But you could make web backends with it too, if web interests you more, and I recommend you look for Scotty (a backend library) tutorial.

You can also take any simple project you know how to do in other languages like communicating with a simple API, then figure stuff out along the way with a lot of googling and asking questions. But I understand that this may seem intimidating.

Another route you could take is look at Kowainik’s GitHub repositories and pick out a project that interests you, and try to Google the stuff you run into that you don’t understand. You could skip the concepts that overwhelm you (but just make a mental note of it, or write it down that you don’t understand it as of now). You could do this with any project really, but they’re a good start.

I can’t provide links right now as I am on mobile. I’ll edit this comment when I’m able.

I need to create a Learning Haskell by doing node

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