Pareto Optimal Dev

Should org-roam/zettlekasten be used only for concepts or also for more general data?

I suppose if you’re following zettlekasten or especially Evergreen Notes, it’ll be more about developing knowledge and concepts.

Otherwise these general pages would clutter up all your other discovery features.

Ex. A mathematician searching for things related to pi getting results like:

  • serendipity
  • pickups for sale in Tampa
  • Getting started with raspberry PI
  • My unique special idea about Pi that was the result of weeks of racking my brain

My initial though, perhaps because I’m still affected by the collectors fallacy, was that I could handle this with categorization or tags and narrowing general things out or narrowing just to concepts.

So solve the problem by adding another taxonomy on top of it ;)

Maybe just keeping things focused on concepts is the right way… maybe