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Things I'm considering promoting on this site in the future

These are all affiliate links, since I think I’m decided that if you:

  • Provide extremely target and high quality recommendations
  • Respect your users privacy and promote products that do the same

Then it’s no crime to also make money off of those recommendations, especially if it’s being done to make giving more value possible or sustainable.

I may try to figure out a not annoying way to recommend these on specific pages to both provide good recommendations and monetize my content.

Of course I may decide against this and only do something like Patreon or liberapay, or might end up doing both.

Here’s the list


Books I own

  • Get Programming with Haskell

    I’ve used this to introduce beginners to certain Haskell topics before, but sometimes extra explanation is necessary and this book doesn’t really go in depth since that’s not it’s aim.

    It’s a fun whirl-wind tour though!

  • Haskell in Depth

    Very good book and author is focused on good epistemology and being a good teacher. This means lots of helpful graphics along with explanations on complex subjects.